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The IIA offers numerous benefits for members:
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 Events in This Chapter


Topic: "Leading from the Bottom Up: Inspiration from Classical Leaders"

YOU can become a leader. Imagine, people hear your name and they say, I want to work for you. We’ve all worked for the good, the bad, the ugly, and the get me out of this job before my boss drives me crazy. The latter is the category no one wants to be in, so what can you do? You can start leading today. You can be taught to lead, and it all starts with building a "Leader" mindset, so let’s get started! This session helps you build the "Leader" mindset by leveraging leadership methods of classical leaders applicable to today's business environment. Leading from the bottom-up is challenging, but very rewarding. Come join Raven Global Training and the NOVA IIA May 1, be inspired!

Dan Grossberg, CPA, CISA

IT Consultant / Trainer / Facilitator

Starting as a CPA with Peat Marwick’s Private Business Practice, Dan has had a long and diverse career since that role. He then left public accounting to pursue higher education as a career before coming back to join Grant Thornton. A second escape took him through the construction business as a project manager and controller/CFO, but it was not long lived.

Y2K brought Dan back to professional services where he used his business process expertise to grow into an IT advisory specialist leading BP’s risk and compliance efforts through the due diligence necessary to minimize disruptions to several business lines.

Since 2000, he has been working in public accounting as an IT assurance and advisory specialist rotating through several roles with Ernst & Young and BDO. In addition to client facing work, Dan was noted for his contributions to internal development at both firms. Key projects included recruiting and retaining staff through the implementation of SOX and Portfolio Management for the global IT transformation.

As a client services professional, Dan specialized in public company audits and ERP implementation risk management. He regularly worked with Fortune 500 IT leaders analyzing the risk and control solutions that affected their business operations and financial reporting solutions. He has worked across all industries including manufacturing, distribution & retail, financial services, government and non-profit, telecommunications, and government contracting.

As a teacher and trainer, Dan has taught at the University level and has been a key contributor to course development and facilitation at Ernst & Young. He has a face for radio and an engaging voice and personality that will keep your audience spell bound!

Dan has been prematurely aged by his three teenage daughters who are smart and beautiful and always pushing the envelope. When he is not working for his clients or attending to the girls, he rides his Victory Vegas motorcycle and relaxes in his hot tub thinking big thoughts.

5/31/2018 - 6/21/2018

CIA Part 1 Prep Course by CIA Lead Facilitator Raven Catlin, CPA, CIA, CFSA, CRMA

When: Every Monday & Thursday from May 31st – June 21st

Class meets at 4:30pm – 6:30pm (ET)

Where: Online

Price: $800*

*includes CIA training materials and online access for Part 1 CIA exam prep session


Fraud - Managing Fraud Risks In Procurement and Contracting

Experience former GAM conference speaker John Hall at your local IIA Chapter.  This course is a must for internal audit professionals with exposure to procurement and contracting, in particular government employees.

All business entities have fraud risks. But exposures in procurement and contracting often top the list of what can go wrong. Among the many fraud risks that must be proactively managed is the possibility that third party suppliers and contractors will take unfair advantage of the relationship, entice employees into questionable practices, and commit wrongful acts or outright fraud.

This program addresses the fraud risks inherent in procurement and contracting, and will present solutions for managers and auditors interested in guarding their organizations against the costs and other negative consequences of misconduct and fraud. Short on theory and long on practical ideas, the program will give participants the tools and techniques they need “on the job”. Case examples will highlight not only what can go wrong, but what participants can do about it in their own organizations.

Learning Objectives

In this "how-to" course for management and audit professionals, you will learn:
  • Real world examples of fraud in procurement and contracting (including government)
  • How to create and maintain an anti-fraud procurement environment
  • Advantages and disadvantages of lump sum, cost-plus, T&M, and unit pricing deals
  • How to screen potential suppliers and contractors
  • Why and how to audit suppliers and contractors
  • How to implement a Vendor Assurance Program
  • Examples of fraud in bidding and awarding contacts, subcontracts and supply orders
  • Fraud risks in construction contracting and and billing
  • Exposures in change orders and pricing
  • Steps for dealing with possible collusion, bid rigging and price flexing
  • Steps for dealing with management resistance to an active procurement audit plan
  • Effective audit steps for procurement and contracting
  • How to make your Code of Conduct part of the deal
  • Monitoring suggestions
Program Level:  Intermediate.
Prerequisites:  Work or audit experience in procurement and/or contracting.
Advance Preparation:  None.  A working knowledge of procurement and contracting management or audit practices is helpful but not required.
Delivery Method:  Group - Live
CPE Credits:  8 credits

John J. Hall, CPA is the founder and President of Hall Consulting, Inc. and the author of the award-winning book "Do What You Can! Simple Steps - Extraordinary Results".  He has been a business consultant, results coach and speaker for most of his career.  Mr. Hall has over 42 years of experience as a professional speaker, consultant, corporate executive, and business owner.  In addition to operating his own speaking, training and consulting firm since 1990, he has worked in senior leadership positions in large corporations and international public accounting and consulting firms.

7/2/2018 - 7/23/2018

2018 CIA Part 2 Prep Course by CIA Lead Facilitator Raven Catlin, CPA, CIA, CFSA, CRMA

When:   Every Monday & Thursday from January 15th – February 5th

              Class meets at 4:30pm – 6:30pm (ET)

Where: Online

Price:    $800*

*includes CIA training materials and online access for Part 2 CIA exam prep system