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 Senior-Supervisor Metro Program

Senior/Supervisor Mentor Program

The chapter is planning to initiate a mentor program for the chapter Senior/Supervisor level members.  This program is in response to the Senior/Supervisor survey conducted as part of the February Chapter Senior/Supervisor seminar.  The Chapter CAE members have agreed that providing mentoring was important to senior IA staff as well as providing them an opportunity to keep in touch with concerns and attitudes of the up coming generation of internal auditors.

We are proposing that, as part of the Chapter programming for Senior/Supervisors, a round table and follow on mentoring opportunity be provided.  The CAE's and Directors participating in the program would facilitate a round table and be available as an outside mentor for the Seniors/Supervisors at their table. This would provide the Senior/Supervisor an outside independent sounding board with whom to discuss their career questions.

The mentors would be from a different company and be restricted from recruiting anyone they are mentoring and pledge to keep conversations confidential.  The mentor program should be attractive to all - Seniors/Supervisors and CAEs / Directors.

Contact Brian Babendir (Chapter President) about your interest in exploring and possibly being part of the mentor program.   You can reach him at  Please include "IIA Mentoring Program" in the subject line.  The program will be further developed based on responses.