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 Auditor Roles in Government Performance Measurement

Chapter Training
11/8/2013 8:00 AM
11/8/2013 4:30 PM
Minto Suites Hotel, Monck A/B - 185 Lyon St N, Ottawa | Canada - Ontario
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The facilitator will present a framework that pulls various auditor roles and practices into a new service model for auditors to apply to improving performance measurement and management of government organizations. The new auditor service model will be viewed in the context of models of effective governance, service delivery, managing for results, and organizational learning to demonstrate the value of the framework. Situational exercises will help participants understand different ways roles and practices can be used to improve performance measurement and management. Brief case histories of audit organizations will demonstrate different methods of changing practices over time as a means for auditors to increase their value added to the government entities. The course will conclude with a self- assessment exercise in which participants identify opportunities to apply course learning in their own organization.
CPE Hours: 8
Participants will be given a CPE certificate at the end of the course that reflects the hours they earned from the course.  Please note that CPE hours will be adjusted accordingly if you miss time (e.g., come in late, leave early) in the course.
Please note the session times are from 08h30-16h30.
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Who should attend: Mid- to upper-level internal auditors, audit team leaders, audit managers and audit directors working in a government organization.

Registration Fee:

On or before September 26, 2013: $550

After September 26, 2013: $600​