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 Statistical Sampling

Chapter Training
2/23/2015 8:00 AM
2/24/2014 4:30 PM
Sheraton Ottawa - 150 Albert St, 17th Floor - Penthouse A, Ottawa | Canada - Ontario

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You will learn which method of sampling is most appropriate for different situations, estimate the sample size needed to provide the desired confidence level and assign sample size strategically to get the most information at the lowest cost. This 2-day course teaches about the pitfalls facing auditors in selecting the most appropriate sampling methods, calculating sample size and creating an audit design that will extract the most information at a minimum cost.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Who should attend? Auditors at all levels

Instructor: Don Dickie 

Please bring a calculator to class.

CPE Hours: 16

Participants will be given a CPE certificate at the end of the course that reflects the hours they earned from the course.  Please note that CPE hours will be adjusted accordingly if you miss time (e.g., come in late, leave early) in the course.

Please note the session times are from 08h30-16h30