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 The Audit Leadership Program - A Unique Executive Development Program

Chapter Training
9/16/2013 8:00 AM
9/18/2013 4:30 PM
TBD, Ottawa | Canada - Ontario
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In this 3-day, fast-track program you will explore the new direction of the audit leader’s position, how best to react to turbulent times, and what you must do to successfully lead a risk-based audit department in 2013 and beyond. You will gain insights into your leadership style and determine whether it is helping or hurting your efforts. You will cover conflict resolution and negotiation techniques that will foster sustained organizational change. You will learn proven strategies for improving your communication with audit and executive committee members and your audit team. The focus is strengthening your audit leadership acumen.


Course Outline

Day One 
Strategically Positioning Your Internal Audit Department 
The State of the Internal Audit Today and Tomorrow 
Current Trends and Future Challenges 
Critical role of Risk-Based Auditing Today 

What it takes to be a World-Class Audit Leader of World-Class Audit Function in Today’s Turbulent Times 
The Greatest Challenges Facing Audit Leaders in the Next Three Years 
Changing Dynamics of the Audit Leader’s Position 
Leading a Successful Risk-Based Audit Department 

Day Two  
Beginning with the End in Mind: Defining the Attributes of an Effective Vision 
Review a 5-step model for organizational Change Management 
Defining the Strategic Leadership Challenges 

The Art of Effective Audit Leadership: Is Your Style Helping or Hurting 
Leadership Self-Assessment 
Strategies for Strategic Audit Leadership 
Building an Action Plan 

Managing a multiple Generation Audit Team 
Challenges When Managing Different Generations 
Overcoming the Challenges 

Day Three   
Techniques for Building Audit Bench Strength 
Difference between career development and succession planning 
Define and build bench strength 
Key Competencies needed to achieve the Department’s vision 
Explain the “Nine Boxes” and how to use it to assess bench strength 
Building an Action Plan 

Enhancing Audit Committee and Senior Management Communications 
Techniques for clearer communications 
Five steps to create high-impact presentations 
Building an Action Plan 
Going Forward: Defining the Next Steps