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 IIA Presentation Contest - University and College Students

3/25/2014 4:00 PM
3/25/2014 6:00 PM
Schneider Downs, One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA |  
esentation Contest Topics for University and College Students
 IIA Presentation Contest Topics for University and College Students
First place presentation - $500; Second place - $350 and Third Place $150.
Judging:                     Judging based on IIA members in attendance at the meeting scheduled for mid-March, 2014.  Criteria for judging to be determined. 
Location:                   Schneider Downs, One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA
Topics:                  Topics will be assigned to teams on a first come first served basis. There will be no repeat topics. 
Presentations:       All presentations should be 10 to 15 minutes in length and submitted to one week prior to the scheduled presentation date in March.  Six to eight presentations will be selected.  Presentation teams should be three to six students.  All AV equipment will be provided to the students.
Questions:                Please email Val Trott-Williams at
Members:Members are invited to attend the contest free of charge and serve as judges. 
Two CPE hrs will be granted to all IIA Members serving as judges!!. 
Judging will be performed on March 25, 2014 from 4 p.m. to 6p.m.
Please contact Val Williams at
 Potential Topics
 Potential Topics
(1)    What is Internal Audit’s (IA’s) role in corporate governance?
a.      Subtopics
                                                              i.      Audit of assurance of governance
                                                            ii.      Consultative project
(2)    What role does IA have within the ERM process?
a.      Subtopic
                                                              i.      Describe IA’s role, management’s role and the external audit’s role
(3)    What is the use of Data Analytics within Internal Audit?
(4)    Identify fraud risks
a.      Subtopics
                                                              i.      How IA should audit the fraud risks
                                                            ii.      How management should prevent/detect the fraud risks
(5)    Conduct a mock interview with an audit client
a.      Role playing
b.      Pick an audit area
c.       Assign one member of your group as the auditee and one or two members as auditors
d.      Explain other audit evidence needed in conducting the audit
(6)    Describe the IIA International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)
a.      Subtopics
                                                              i.      Mandatory guidance
                                                            ii.      Optional guidance
(7)    What are the elements of an effective internal audit report?
(8)    Explain the role of the Audit Committee with IA.
(9)     Social Media
a.      Subtopics
                                                              i.      What are the audit risks with social media for a company?
                                                            ii.      How does social medial assist professional organizations such as the IIA?
(10)                       Internal audit often is involved with risk mitigation and compliance audits. Describe:
a.      Effectiveness of compliance audits when combined within the IA function
b.      Impact on the IA department
c.       Impact on independence of the IA department
(11)                       Describe the updated COSO framework and how it would impact an annual IA plan.
(12)                       Reach out to three IIA professionals employed at different organizations. Conduct an interview with those professionals regarding:
a.      Current audit risks for their organizations
b.      Size and structure of their audit department
c.       Current projects they are conducting
d.      What continuous auditing processes due they have employed? Are they effective?
(13)                       Describe an integrated audit with IT and operational auditing.
(14)                       Submit your own topic (subject to approval by the Academic Relations Committee)