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 IIA Presentation Contest for students

Team Awards - First place - $1,000; second place - $700 and third Place $300. The judging will take place on March 28th, 2019 from 4 – 7 PM at Schneider Downs’ offices located at One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA. Judging will be done by IIA members in attendance at the meeting and criteria for judging will be predetermined by the Advocacy and Education Committee of the IIA Pittsburgh Chapter. Topics will be assigned to teams on a first come first served basis. There will be no repeat topics. All presentations should be 10 to 15 minutes in length and submitted to one week prior to the scheduled presentation date in March. Six to eight presentations will be selected. 2 teams per school unless space is available. Presentation teams should be comprised of three to six students. AV equipment will be available for the students. Please let me know if your team intends on using a Google Slides presentation.
Potential Topics
1. Cyber security breaches have become more frequent. Why do these occur and how can internal audit assess in identifying weaknesses so management can properly address?
2. What is Internal Audit’s (IA’s) role in corporate governance/ERM?
3. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the three lines of defense: Management; monitoring and internal audit. Explain the collaboration between these three lines of defense.
4. What is the process of risk assessment for a large company and how does internal audit assist?
5. How are Data Analytics used within the Internal Audit function?
6. How will Robotic Process Automation (RPA) impact the internal audit profession?
7. Identify fraud risks and describe:
a. How these risks should be audited?
b. How management should prevent/detect the fraud risks?
8. Conduct a mock interview with an audit client and include the following:
a. Pick an audit area
b. Role playing
c. Assign one member of your group as the auditee and one or two members as auditors
d. Explain audit evidence needed to conduct the audit
9. Describe the IIA International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) including the following:
a. Mandatory guidance
b. Optional guidance
10. Communication skills are essential in the internal audit profession. Describe effective methods and examples for the following:
a. Engagement letters
b. Interviewing clients
c. Communicating opportunities for improvement to the auditee
d. Audit reports
11. Explain the role of the Audit Committee with IA. 12. Social Media
a. What are the audit risks with social media for a company and what controls should be in place to mitigate the risk?
b. How does social media assist professional organizations such as the IIA?
13. Reach out to three IIA professionals employed at different organizations. Conduct an interview with those professionals regarding:
a. Current audit risks for their organizations
b. Size and structure of their audit department
c. Current projects they are conducting
d. What continuous auditing processes do they have employed? Are they effective?
14. Describe an operational audit integrated with IT.
15. Explain how internal auditors have to continue to innovate to ensure their function is effective.
16. Develop your personal description of internal auditing and the value the function provides in a:
a. Rap song
b. Lip dub
c. Poem
d. Parody
e. Other
17. What is GDPR and how does it impact the Internal Audit profession?
18. What significance, if any, do the Anti-Bribery Corruption Act (ABAC) and the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) have on Internal Audit?
19. Submit your own topic (subject to approval by the Advocacy and Education Committee)​