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 IIA Mentor Program

IIA Seattle Mentor Program

Welcome to The IIA Seattle Mentor Program! The mission of the IIA Seattle Mentor Program is to provide guidance and mentoring to local students and new professionals in the Internal Audit profession in developing their career goals and aspirations, to develop leadership skills and increase self-confidence, and to invest in the future of the profession. The 2020-2021 IIA Seattle Mentor Program will run from November 2020 – May 2021.

Program Overview


The 2020 – 2021 program is open to all IIA Seattle chapter members. Please follow the links below to apply as a mentor or mentee. 


Mentors Eligibility:

- MUST be a member of the IIA Seattle Chapter

- Professionals with 1+ years of experience in the internal audit field

​Applications are due by October 31, 2020.


Mentee Eligibility:

- Current student at a university/college located in Washington state


Professionals in their first 0-7 years of their internal audit career

Applications are due by November 13, 2020.


Mentorship Pairings:

Mentees will be paired with mentors based on information provided on the registration form, such as areas of interest, job levels, and industry types. IIA professionals within their first 0 – 7 years of their internal audit career may apply to be both a Mentee and Mentor. Depending on interest, a mentor may be paired with multiple mentees. You will be notified via email with your Mentor or Mentees contact information.


Planned Meetings:

The program is scheduled to kick off on November 16, 2020following an orientation for mentors and mentees to discuss program structure and expectations. The first mentor-mentee meeting should take place virtually after the program begins in November. Monthly meetings are recommended for the ongoing program, but each pairing is encouraged to determine the appropriate cadence that works best for them. It is required that these meetings occur virtually until Washington state reaches Phase 4 of Washington’s Safe Start plan.


Guided Experience:

Mentors and mentees will be provided with handbooks to guide their meetings and the development of their mentoring relationship. Each pairing will be required to agree to and sign a mentor/mentee agreement to ensure a productive and rewarding experience. Mentors and mentees will establish a goal with a provided goal setting template during their first meeting and work together to accomplish it during the duration of the program. Each pairing will set their own agendas and cadence for the virtual meeting.



IIA Seattle Mentor Program will provide periodic check-ins with mentors and mentees to ensure connectivity and program satisfaction. Mentors and mentees are welcome to contact or chapter34@at any time during the program with questions or concerns.


Mentor Application:


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*IIA Seattle respects your privacy. The information submitted in your application will only be shared with IIA mentoring selection committee and your mentor/mentee.


Note: If you are not a IIA member yet, please contact your employer to get added to your group membership at a discounted rate.

If your employer does not cover your IIA membership, please contact or 407-937-1111 to see if you are eligible for a discounted rate.​