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 Beyond the code: Ethics in the real world

Chapter Event
4/23/2014 8:00 AM
4/23/2014 12:00 PM
Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry (Room 115), 626 High St. NE, Salem, OR 97301 |

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NOTE: This course meets the Oregon Board of Accountancy’s biennial 4-hour ethics requirement for all CPAs except those in their first two-year reporting period.

Beyond the Code: Ethical Decision Making in the Real World (4 hours)
Ethical thinking and behavior, so critical to our reputation and in our lives and organizations, has been studied as a vague and intangible subject. Ethical models that have been translated into “rules-based” codes, have failed time and time again, leave us wondering if and how we can address ethics in a meaningful way. Indeed, studies show that some ethics education courses leave its students making less ethical decisions than before the class.
Ethical decisions are not simply a discussion of right or wrong, but requires skilled critical thinking on a continuum of complicated choices that can be heavily influenced by biases and perceptions. Research shows that subconscious “frames” can dramatically change our perceptions and decisions, and that with practice, we can learn to recognize these frames and make better, less biased, and more informed judgments.
This innovative and interactive presentation uses compelling real-world events and the latest behavioral research to examine ethical thinking in a real-world context, giving attendees new thinking tools and a new perspective on what ethical thinking really is and how to practice it.
  • Scientific research regarding an organizations “DNA”
  • What “Tone at the Top” is and why we misunderstand how it works
  • How to use critical thinking in ethical situations
  • Breaking myths about motivation
  • Why ethical decisions rely on "situational awareness"
  • The science behind decision-making under pressure
  • How and why we should eliminate outcome-based thinking
  • How a “model” code of ethics can fail
  • Recognizing our own sub-conscious thinking biases
Objectives: This presentation uses behavioral science to integrate behavioral science with accounting and auditing concepts. Participants will be able to identify and understand concepts of critical thinking and apply them to professional judgment in auditing, accounting and governance situations.
Who will benefit: Auditors, controllers, CPA’s, CAE’s, CIO’s, CEO’s, compliance and risk managers, ethics officers, and anyone wanting to improve their skills by understanding the behavioral science associated with ethics in organizational risk and culture.  
© 2013 Toby Groves
Speaker Bio:
Toby Groves is a researcher, consultant, trainer and speaker on organizational psychology and corporate crime.  Committed to bridging the gap between current efforts and real progress, Groves uncovers the individual and group psychology behind corporate scandals and presents research that reveals real solutions.  Formerly a successful CPA and CEO educated in forensic psychology and forensic accounting, Groves researches the role group behavior plays in corporate fraud.  Using his compelling personal story, interactive demonstrations, and the results of his research, Groves enlightens and inspires audiences around the country to think differently and make progress toward finding real solutions to these problems.