GS 2 - Social Networking and Social Engineering.pdf
GS 1 - Internal Audit in the age of Fast Pace, Rapidly Changing Risk Environments.pdf
CS 3-4  Go the Extra Mile - Building a Service-Oriented Business Culture (Robert Half).pdf
CS 3-3 Auditing for HIPAA Compliance (Stinnett).pdf
CS 3-2 Advanced Data Analytics, the Fraudsters Worst Enemy (RSM).pdf
CS 3-1 Best Practices in Data Visualization (TeamMate).pdf
CS 2-3 Revenue Recognition - Lessons for Internal Auditors (RGP).pdf
CS 2-2 The Evolution of Internal Control (Protiviti).pdf
CS 2-1 Tackling Cybersecurity with Data Analytics Tools (Weaver).pdf
CS 1-4 Embracing Change in 2017 - An Audit Leader's Perspective (Aventine Hill).pdf
CS 1-3 Why Culture is important and how it can be assessed (USAA-KPMG).pdf
CS 1-2 If crime didn’t pay, there wouldn’t be so many criminals! (Templar).pdf
CS 1-1 Technology Audit 2.0 (PwC).pdf