Elevate Internal Audit Scholarship Program 

​Elevate Internal Audit Scholarship Program

Apply NowThe IIA and AuditBoard are honored to support the internal audit community through the Elevate Internal Audit Scholarship Program.

This scholarship program, of up to $500,000, reflects both AuditBoard’s goal of elevating the audit profession through technology and education and The IIA’s mission to advance the profession by providing educational and training opportunities based on a global set of standards, guidance, and certifications.

Building Next-generation Skills

The program provides scholarships and a custom curriculum to help internal auditors in the United States and Canada build next-generation skills and prepare for emerging demands, better positioning them to secure new career placements.

Each scholarship is valued at approximately $600 and will cover the cost of the professional development option selected.


Access to industry training
by the leaders in internal audit.


Opportunity to gain progressive
audit practice and technology
knowledge to grow skills
and capabilities.


Enhanced credentials to
share with your network and
present to potential employers.

Scholarship dollars allow recipients to choose from several bundles providing targeted competency development.

​Eligibility Requirements

If you meet the following criteria and have an interest in furthering your career through additional education opportunities, we encourage you to apply:

  • Internal audit professional
  • Currently out of work due to pandemic-related layoff or furlough
  • Resident of the United States or Canada

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