Key Responsibilities for Chapter Officers and Chairpersons 2013-2014


Key responsibilities are listed. More complete information is contained in the Chapter Manual.
  • Be the main point of contact between the Chapter and the National Chapter Relations Committee.
  • Preside at all meetings of the Chapter and Board of Governors.
  • Review the Chapter’s Bylaws.
  • Establish Chapter goals to identify and implement services to serve the needs of the members.
  • Appoint Chapter chairpersons.
  • Ensure a sound financial plan for the Chapter.
  • Identify leaders for future positions to ensure a succession plan.
Vice President
  • Perform duties of the president in case of absence.
  • Advise and assist the president in staffing committees.
  • Assume responsibility for education programs, including coordination of Chapter events, seminars.
  • Maintain the financial records of the Chapter.
  • Prepare preliminary budget based on input from committees for submission of approval to the Board of Governors.
  • Ensure sound financial plan.
  • File required financial documents with the appropriate legal entities.
  • Identify significant items included in the proposed Chapter budget that requires decision by the Board of Governors as to policy or major commitments.
  • Suggest plans for investment and or use of excess funds.
  • Deposit Revenue from meetings and seminars into Bank Account
  • Prepare documents for Auditor and respond to any Auditor questions/comments
  • Keep minutes of meetings for Board of Governors and the Chapter.
  • Maintain Chapter membership records and reconcile records with those at headquarters.
  • Coordinate publication and mailing lists for meeting notices, newsletters and directory.
  • Establish communication flow concerning Chapter member issues among all committees.
  • Notify members of all Chapter events.
  • Perform as corresponding secretary for the Chapter.
  • Record significant events of the Chapter.




  • Establishing a governance model
  • Serving our members’ continuing education needs.
  • Communicate with Chapter members
  • Promote strategies to improve member services and maximize member growth.
  • Actively promote succession planning
  • Approve reports and expenses in accordance
  • Coordinate and promote the activities of the Chapter.
  • Coordinate and promote activities of the North American Board and the IIA.
  • Review progress reports of the Chapter and various committees providing guidance and input where necessary.
  • Educate Chapter leadership on the strategic objectives set forth by the IIA’s North American
  • Board and encourage long‐range planning to support these objectives.
  • Be proactive. Seek help early if issues arise.
  • Collaborate. Gain insight and ideas from other’s knowledge and experience.
  • Be solution oriented. Suggest possible solutions for problems.
  • Adhere to the International Professional Practice Framework. Ensure we are setting policy and direction to service our members, service our profession, and administer the Chapter.


Key responsibilities are listed.
Membership Committee 
  • To develop a membership recruitment and retention plan for the year.
  • Survey Chapter area for organizations not represented in the Chapter and whose size suggests potential members. Implement a recruitment plan.
  • Make frequent inquiry of present members concerning prospects. Continually remind members of the benefits of membership.
  • Arrange for recognition and presentation of pins to Chapter members for years of membership.
  • With appropriate person, maintain membership portion of Chapter website.
  • To maintain the web site as a repository of information that will create public awareness.
  • To keep the web site current and accurate.
Hospitality Committee
  • To help new members become better acquainted with other members and with the Institute’s Chapter’s leadership, activities, and organizational structure.
  • Introduce new members to officers, governors, and other members at meetings.
  • Prepare distinctive name badges for new members and guests.
  • Contact new members and remind them of meetings and arrange to meet them.
  • Develop and maintain programs to promote interaction such as a mentor program.
Certification Committee 
  • Promote certification programs through use of information provided by IIA headquarters.
  • Coordinate with headquarters so timely information will be received by the Chapter to conduct the certification examinations expeditiously.
  • Arrange for review courses and study groups.
  • Encourage certified professions to become IIA members, to participate in Chapter activities, and to maintain their requirements for CPE status.
  • Identify individuals believed to meet the standards required for various certifications.
  • Make arrangements for the presentation to certification recipients.
  • Encourage members to strive for certifications.
Academic Relations Committee 
  • Develop and support relationships through educational programs among educators, students, educational institutions.
  • Arrange for guest lecturers at local colleges and universities.
  • Develop and maintain an approved scholarship program.
  • Provide assistance to schools and colleges in establishing courses in internal auditing.
  • Arrange a student or educators’ night as an annual Chapter event.
Newsletter Committee
  • To assemble and produce a newsletter to Chapter members containing useful and informative materials such as Chapter news.
Publicity and Public Relations Committee
  • Develop and implement plans for public information programs and news releases through which the Chapter and the profession may achieve broader public recognition.  Send information about speakers and events to the news media prior to the event or consider submitting a news release immediately after the event. 
  • Submit news of special events such as talks given by members or service awards or promotions received by members.  Obtain local press coverage for the CIA examination, recognition for new certifications, and announcements for seminars and conferen­ces in the vicinity.
  • Maintain a scrapbook of all publicity received.  Take photos of all featured speakers and special activities for the scrapbook, newsletter and Web site.
  • Maintain or develop closer ties with related organizations in the Chapter area by encouraging joint meetings or activities and exchanging information on programs and seminars of special interest.
  • Send newsworthy items to The IIA global headquarters Editorial Department for possible inclusion in a future issue of global headquarters publications.
Awards Committee 
  • Establish and monitor a Chapter awards program.
  • Identify individuals believed to meet the standards required for various awards.
  • Make arrangements for the presentation to award recipients.
  • Make arrangements for the presentation of tokens of appreciation to retiring Chapter president.
Reservations Committee 
  • To handle all meeting arrangements and to create an enjoyable atmosphere through a careful choice of meeting locations, facilities and menus.
  • To receive and tabulate reservations.
  • To arrange for name badges.
  • To insure equipment required by the speaker is on hand.
  • To handle complaints.
Chapter Achievement Program
  • Appraise past Chapter activity, develop current year Chapter plans and track current year Chapter activities using the CAP Reporting process.
  • Determine the CAP performance level the Chapter plans to achieve.
  • Complete the CAP Report.
  • Review CAP Report against performance
Programs Committee
  • To develop programs designed to assist members in improving their internal audit performance. The program should reflect:
a.   Topics related to internal auditing more so than sessions devoted to general business matters, economic conditions, etc.
b.   Member interest as determined by effective means such as a survey.
  • To present the proposed program for the forthcoming Chapter year to the Board of Governors outlining topics, speakers' panel discussions, case studies, etc.
  • After Board approval, obtain speakers for each meeting and submit the completed and confirmed program to the president.
  • Coordinate scheduling with other Chapters and if required obtain appropriate approval for all programs one day or longer so as not to conflict or compete with other Chapters.
  • Obtain from the speaker biographical data and pertinent information on the topic and forward this to the appropriate committee or person to advertise the event.
  • Confirm with the speaker the meeting date, time and place, and audiovisual equipment needs or special arrangements and make the arrangements.
  • Serve as a host to speakers.