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​Governor ​Tamera Anderson
Governor​ ​Jackie Conrecode​
Governor​ Tim DiSano
Governor​ Tim Parks​​
Governor​ Robert Putney
Governor​ Cynthia Ralph​
Governor​ Jessie Hon
​Assistant Treasurer ​James Molenaar
Past President​ Margaret Krym
​Past President​ Paul Cohen

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 About This Chapter

The Southwest Florida Chapter’s founder and first President, Arnold M. Hodes, made the following historical comments at the 10th Anniversary meeting, December 8, 1998.
Before moving to Fort Myers in 1984, I was the Treasurer of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chapter.  This is a well organized, large Chapter.
I originally worked for the City of Fort Myers.  I asked everyone, “Do we have an IIA Chapter here?” I was told there would never be a Chapter in this area for two reasons.  1) There are not enough auditors in this area and 2) we are between Tampa and Miami, who lhave large Chapters.
IN 1985, I started work in my present position, Director of Internal Audit, Lee County Clerk of Courts. I continued to ask about starting a chapter.
I met Jim Maxwell, the General Auditor for Nations Bank.  He told me he was waiting for someone to start a Chapter in Lee County.  Jim said he had five auditors, including himself, to be memb4rs of the Chapter. I telephoned the other cities in the County, Lee County Electric Cooperative, Lee Memorial Hospital, Barnett Bank, etc.
The IIA sent Malcolm Parker, Field Representative to Fort Myers, to help us organize the Chapter.  We met at a restaurant on Route 41.  Everyone was eager to help.
From that meeting in 1988, the Southwest Florida Chapter started. I was elected the Charter President. For several years, we had our meetings with attendance at each meeting varying from 15 to 25 members and guests.
Then in 1989 or 1990, the Nations Bank merged with other banks, as did the Barnett Bank.  Between the two banks, The Chapter lost half of our members. 
Amazingly, everyone kept looking for members.  Collier County Clerk of Courts, various city auditors, local college and health companies all joined the Chapter.
Through my contacts with the IIA and other organizations and the assistance of other Chapter members, we have had excellent, well-known speakers.
After my initial Chapter President year, the IIA started the Chapter Achievement Program.  We have had a gold award each year.  The Chapter now has a number of excellent members who are striving to maintain and improve the Chapter.  Bill Foster, our current present, is leading this.
We are known as one of the best medium-sized Chapters in the USA!

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