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 Spokane Chapter January Luncheon - LEAN Auditing

Speaker Presentation
1/15/2013 12:00 PM
1/15/2013 1:45 PM
601 W. Riverside Ave. Bank of America Building (2nd Floor Conference Room) |
There is waste in every process; the key is seeing it!  We as auditors are trained to review outside processes with an objective eye, but how well do we assess and evaluate our own processes for efficiency?
Please join us to learn more about the concepts of Lean, and how they can be applied to help augment your quality assurance and improvement programs.  We’ll discuss the various prospects we have as auditors to eliminate our own wasteful activities (anything that doesn’t add value) and how to better maximize and promote value-added activities in support of our customers. 
This will be a great learning and networking opportunity as we glean details about how some of our local audit shops function day-to-day.  We look forward to seeing you there!:


-Roast Beef
-Curry Chicken
-Baked Ham
-Chipotle Chicken
-Breast of Turkey
-Pastrami and Swiss
-Vegetarian Garden
-Chicken Caesar Salad
-Apple Walnut Salad