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9/11/2014 8:30 AM
9/11/2014 4:30 PM
Northfield Center |  
Lie Detection, Pinocchio Effect, and Ethics
by Nejolla Korris
On September 11, 2014, we welcome the return of one of the Springfield IIA’s favorite speakers, Nejolla Korris.  Dubbed “the human lie detector,” Nejolla has agreed to teach three courses in this one day event: 1) Linguistic Lie Detection, 2) the Pinocchio Effect, and 3) Ethics Viewpoint. 
The Linguistic Lie Detection session presents an overview of how linguistic lie detection is used in business, audit, and investigative areas.  Session participants learn the basics of information gathering and how to interpret the information they receive.
The Pinocchio Effect highlights how to pay attention to verbal responses.  The session aims to improve listening skills to discover what the subject really meant, teach the importance of assessing responses based on what the subject stated, teach what kind of questions produce valuable answers, and explain why non-answers ARE answers. 
The Ethics Viewpoint session focuses on integrating ethics with everyday workplace life.  Ethical issues are associated with deviance or corruption and its counterparts:  lying, evasion of accountability, and abuse of authority.  Ethics breaches begin with people.  In interactive sessions, participants will put into practice ethics issues that will help build a strong ethical business culture.

• Speaker:  Nejolla Korris
• Date:        September 11, 2014 @ 8:30a – 4:30p
• Place:      Northfield Center
• CPE:        7 hours
• Cost:        Members:  $100    Non-Members:  $125   Students $20
• Register:  Email Emily Durbin at by September 8