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 Keep Your Contact Information Current

​Your Tallahassee Chapter leadership team is working diligently to keep you up-to-date on chapter events such as training, luncheons, and leadership meetings. The various committees send emails every month to let you know what’s going on in your Tallahassee chapter, but many of you (on average about 15%) don’t receive those emails. For some of you, that’s a conscious choice to “opt-out” of chapter emails (and that’s perfectly acceptable), but we’ve heard from many members who aren’t receiving chapter communications and don’t know why. We have three suggestions to ensure you are getting the level of communication you want or need:
  1. Verify your contact information is correct with IIA-HQ;
  2. Verify that you haven’t “opted out” of chapter or national communications; and
  3. Check your SPAM or “Junk E-Mail” folder.

1 – Verify your contact information is correct with IIA-HQ
The Tallahassee Chapter downloads information monthly – or more often, if necessary – from IIA-HQ in Orlando to ensure we have the latest contact information for our members. If you have changed jobs or have deleted the Gmail account (for example) you were using, you will need to update your information at the headquarters level to continue to receive local information. The local chapter has no access or authority to change your information, we are simply recipients of a list of member data.
To change your information:
  1. Go to the IIA Headquarters website and click the “Account” link near the top right.
  2. Enter your Member ID number or email address and password. If you don’t remember your information, or don’t have access to the email on file, you may have to contact IIA-HQ for help. The chapter webmaster is happy to provide you with your Member ID, but does not know (or need/want to know) your password.
  3. You should see a screen asking you to verify your information, OR it may take you directly to the “My IIA Portal”. In either case, you can update most information there (at one time, you couldn’t update employer yourself, but I believe that has now been corrected).

2 – Verify that you haven’t “opted out” of chapter or national communications
If your information is up to date, but you still aren’t receiving information, your profile may be set to “opt-out” of chapter or headquarters communications (or both). If you have chosen not to receive chapter communications, your contact information in the information we download each month from IIA-HQ is replaced with “####”, giving us no way to contact you. Email is the main form of communication in the Tallahassee Chapter, so we recommend at minimum allowing us to contact you that way.

To change your preferences:
  1. Follow the steps in Part 1 above to log into your profile from the IIA website.
  2. At the MyIIA Portal, this time select “My Preferences”. Of course, you can validate and edit any of your preferences, but for the purpose of this article be sure to select and verify that the information on the “Chapters” tab is correct.  You can select to be contacted by mail, email, and/or phone. We suggest email (at minimum) be selected, as that is our primary means of communication and the mail and phone options are rarely (if ever) used by chapter leaders.
  3. Select whether to be included in the Chapter Member Directory (“Yes” is recommended, as we have no other way to verify membership when you attend luncheons or trainings and you certainly want to be charged the “Member” rate!).

3 – Check your SPAM or “Junk E-Mail” folder
If all else fails, check your SPAM folder, and be sure to add the senders of any Tallahassee Chapter emails in there to your “Safe Senders” list.

Your Tallahassee leadership team appreciates the opportunity to serve the chapter, and asks for your patience and support as we move forward into the new chapter year. As you can see, communication is often the biggest barrier, and we thank you for your help in making sure you get all the information we can give you.

For a PDF copy of this article including screen shots of the examples, click here.