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 A Message from the CAP Committee

TCIIA Members: A Platinum Chapter is one that has achieved Gold Chapter status in 10 of the past 11 years. Please help us maintain our Platinum Chapter status by letting us know of your accomplishments and your contributions to the audit community, whether locally, nationally or internationally. See the handout from the CAP Committee (text posted below) for more information, or contact Destin DuBose, CAP Committee Chair for details.


TCIIA Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) - FY 13/14
What is CAP?  
The CAP program exists to help officers/board members plan the course of the Chapter year, especially service-oriented events for members and guests.  For each CAP event, our Chapter receives CAP performance points from The IIA.  We proudly celebrate that, for over a decade, the TCIIA Chapter has achieved the CAP points needed for the PLATINUM performance level!  This current designation confirms our Chapter’s status as a prestigious, service-oriented organization for the Tallahassee audit community.
Minimum CAP Requirements / CAP Service Levels
• Service to Members - 325 CAP points
• Service to the Profession - 200 CAP points
• Chapter Administration - 160 CAP points
CAP Performance Levels
BRONZE - 685 CAP points
SILVER - 1,060 CAP points
GOLD - 1,560 CAP points
PLATINUM - Chapter achieves Gold level for 10 of 11 consecutive years.
How can I help?  
In order for our Chapter to maintain the PLATINUM performance level, please review the CAP matrix below and let us know if you or someone you know earns CAP points for the Chapter.  We will total these points each month and report them to IIA headquarters.  By year’s end, we hope to achieve the points needed to retain our PLATINUM level.  Therefore, your participation and support throughout the year would be greatly appreciated!
Chapter Members
CAP Opportunities
CAP Points
Additional Info
Attendance at quarterly training luncheons
1 point per CPE
No maximum
Attendance at training events
1 point per CPE
No maximum
New IIA certifications
5 points per member per certification
No maximum
Articles published in the Internal Auditor magazine
20 points per article
No maximum
Articles submitted to the Internal Auditor magazine
5 points per article
No maximum; must follow established guidelines for submitting articles at:
Articles published in other professional journals
5 points per article
No maximum
Writing exam questions for IIA
Certifications: CIA, CCSA, CFSA,
5 points for each accepted question
No maximum; must adhere to examwriting criteria at: