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 May Is International Internal Audit Awareness Month

​As an internal audit professional, you play an important role in raising awareness and elevating the profession. #IIAMay offers you an important opportunity to promote the profession among your stakeholders.

IIA Awareness Month.PNG

For example, you can customize your email signature and social media accounts with the International Internal Audit Awareness Month digital icon (depicted at right). You can hold a lunch-and-learn in your workplace to dispel myths about internal auditing and explain the value that a well-resourced, independent internal audit function can provide. You can also raise the profile of your internal audit department’s staff members by featuring their biographies in an article for your company’s intranet or internal newsletter.

Don’t let the opportunity pass to advocate the importance of internal auditing to your coworkers and other stakeholders. For additional ideas, sample programs, tips, and templates, download the free Building Awareness Toolkit from The IIA’s website.​​