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 Have Your Say: IIA's 2020 North America Member Survey

​​In December, The IIA will conduct a comprehensive survey of all of its North American members to better understand their
needs, in order to develop and refine the tools, resources, and support necessary to strengthen its members and the internal
audit profession.

A stronger profession needs...
The IIA’s vision is to enable the internal audit profession to be recognized as critical to enhancing and protecting organizational value.

More competent professionals...
The IIA works towards achieving this vision by developing tools and resources necessary to equip and empower internal audit professionals.

Who rely on The IIA to deliver sustainable value.
Communication with members is therefore vital in order to understand their priorities and identify areas of need to
successfully deliver these tools and resources. One of the key ways IIA HQ can directly communicate with its members is through the 2020 North America Member Needs Survey.



When will the survey take place?
The survey will deploy from December 9, 2019, to January 12, 2020.

Who can take the IIA survey?
The IIA invites every North American member to participate in this survey.

What topics will the survey cover?
The survey measures key metrics for member satisfaction and opinions on organizational performance, membership,
​engagement, content and thought leadership, and professional development.

Who accesses the data and how will it be used?
Results will be aggregated and used internally. The survey directly impacts how The IIA can provide better service to members
and customers, and help anticipate their needs in the future.

For example, 60% of participants in the 2018 North America Members Needs Survey said they were interested/very interested to attend training by conference live streaming. As a direct result of this feedback, we introduced live streaming at our 2019 General Audit Management Conference.​

How long is the survey?
The survey takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

How will participants access the survey?
Members can access the survey through a personal URL in an email from Research Insights at The IIA inviting them to complete the survey. They can pause and complete at a later time if they wish. Members will receive reminder emails.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the survey?
Questions regarding the survey should be directed to Smit Shah (, Karina Santoro (, or Sarah Chule (​