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​Member Benefits for Training and Events

The IIA offers numerous benefits for members:
  • Members-only rates on conferences, seminars, and executive development through Vision University can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Exclusive monthly Members-only Webinars are part of your core membership benefits and provide you with CPE units without ever leaving your desk or paying additional fees.
  • Members-only rates for other specialty webinars and self-study courses provide easy access to advance your knowledge from the convenience of your own desktop.



If you are a trainer who is interested in hosting a seminar with the Twin Cities IIA, please contact for more information.

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The Twin Cities Chapter of The IIA offers approximately fifteen Insight Series Presentations throughout each Chapter Year between September and May.  Please click the following link to find out how you can receive invitations to our Insight Series Presentations:


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Corporate Audit, Compliance and Ethics colleagues are dynamic partners. This partnership is proving to be critical for organizations around the world that have begun to take a harder look at behavior as a risk indicator in order to improve culture. We will cover how Audit and Compliance & Ethics can work together to influence workplace motivation and attitude, conduct employee training, and evaluate and lead changes in organizational behavior. We will also address other practical ways in which we can cooperate for the benefit of the organization and the involved professionals.

8/12/2019 - 8/14/2019

During this three-day training session, you will have an opportunity to understand the basic skills every new internal auditor needs to know and practice the most important auditing skills by performing a simulated audit.

This training session has been developed for auditors and compliance specialists with up to one year of experience. There are no prerequisites for this training session.

Presented by: James Roth, AuditTrends LLC

Explore the breadth of the audit profession and ability to expand your abilities in a variety of niches. Come expand your horizons on what “is internal audit” and how it goes beyond industry and can be highly dynamic even within one company.
This event will allow Young Professionals to hear from one of the largest Internal Audit Departments in the Twin Cities area to learn how careers develop, the variety of tasks and responsibilities that come with a role in internal audit, and how diversity of roles and specialties you might pursue in Internal Auditing.

8/19/2019 - 8/20/2019

Financial statement fraud continues to capture news headlines around the world and the question continually asked is: “Where were the auditors?” This course will help both internal and external auditors gain an understanding of financial statement fraud, how it is committed, the motivation behind it, and, most importantly, how to identify it. The course will provide participants with the fraud knowledge and forensic accounting techniques necessary to identify financial statement fraud where it is occurring. Real-life comprehensive fraud case studies and the forensic accounting and fraud examination techniques used to identify and quantify the frauds will be used throughout the course to further the learning process. Participants will work through fraud case study examples and exercises.

This interactive course will be taught through a combination of lecture, group exercises, and class participation.

Presented by:  Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE

This class is for all individuals who desire to improve their business writing skills. The class topics include the building blocks of writing to achieve results, determining audience and purpose, mindmapping, transparent structure, cutting the clutter, making sentences make sense, active/passive voice, evaluating writing examples, agreement with antecedents, subject/verb agreement, parallel construction, editing, proofreading, and email. 

What you will gain from this seminar:

  • Discover the building blocks of writing to achieve results
  • Use the building blocks to evaluate all forms of writing
  • Practice using the mindmapping tool for organizing your thoughts
  • Use transparent structure
  • Practice cutting the clutter and editing run-on sentences
  • Learn the difference between writing in active vs. passive voice
  • Practice using a grammar reference manual to edit your own writing
  • Learn the basic components of editing and proofreading
  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes of using email

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who desires to improve their business writing skills

Presented by William Woodington of Woodington Training Solutions