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​Member Benefits for Training and Events

The IIA offers numerous benefits for members:
  • Members-only rates on conferences, seminars, and executive development through Vision University can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Exclusive monthly Members-only Webinars are part of your core membership benefits and provide you with CPE units without ever leaving your desk or paying additional fees.
  • Members-only rates for other specialty webinars and self-study courses provide easy access to advance your knowledge from the convenience of your own desktop.



If you are a trainer who is interested in hosting a seminar with the Twin Cities IIA, please contact for more information.

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The Twin Cities Chapter of The IIA offers approximately fifteen Insight Series Presentations throughout each Chapter Year between September and May.  Please click the following link to find out how you can receive invitations to our Insight Series Presentations:


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With recent interest rate changes, political elections and unsure economic climates; the IIA Twin Cities Chapter has partnered with the Federal Reserve to apprise our members on the 'State of the Economy'. Terry J. Fitzgerald will provide a quick review of the Federal Reserve System, including the importance of Alexander Hamilton (of course), followed by a discussion of the state of the economy, the role of monetary policy, and the risks to the outlook.

11/19/2018 - 11/21/2018

During this three-day training session, you will have an opportunity to understand the basic skills every new internal auditor needs to know and practice the most important auditing skills by performing a simulated audit.

This training session has been developed for auditors and compliance specialists with up to one year of experience. There are no prerequisites for this training session.

Presented by: James Roth, AuditTrends LLC

Good leaders are made, not born! Do you know what it takes to be a leader regardless of your title? Have you mastered the “soft skills” required for success?  

This highly interactive and dynamic presentation will walk you through the top skills required for success as an Auditor as well as help you understand what it takes to lead. You will learn the 3 most important keys to leadership success, the difference between leading and managing as well as the “rights” an employee has to “give up” when they decide to lead!  
This is a phenomenal opportunity for you to interact and engage with others and learn from a leader in the field. This presentation is a must for every member! 

Participants will walk away with:
  • A strong understanding of what it takes to lead regardless of title/ position
  • A list of specific actions and behaviors that effective leaders demonstrate
  • A list of specific actions participants can take to be an effective leader
  • Tips, tools, stories and best practices for “honing” your leadership skills 
  • The differences between a leader and a manager

Presented by: Julie M. Kowalski, Spizzerinctum Group LLC

Join us for this exceptional opportunity to learn from an expert on the LinkedIn platform.  This presentation is a must for every business professional!  Key objectives accomplished during this training will include the following:
  • Understand the basic to advanced features of LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to build an individual profile to highlight your internal audit, financial, operational, technical, leadership and industry expertise. 
  • Utilize LinkedIn for thought leadership/marketing your expertise.
  • Leverage LinkedIn to expand your professional network to locating vendors and business partners for all internal audit needs.
  • Proactive and Reactive career search through LinkedIn
  • Learn more to leverage immediately after the demo and presentation.

Presented by:  Larry Kaufman, Experis Finance

2/7/2019 - 2/8/2019
In today’s Internal Audit environment, auditors are expected to be knowledgeable in all areas of their business, help a company meet its objectives through value-add auditing, and now are more and more frequently expected to catch fraud during the audit process. A standard audit catches less than 15% of existing frauds because audits are designed to test effectiveness of controls and evaluate operating efficiency, not find fraud.

This course is designed to provide the fundamentals for developing fraud audit programs and incorporating fraud detecting into the standard auditing process.

This in-depth course looks at the complete fraud tree and covers all common fraud schemes and scenarios to provide the participants with the knowledge needed to start implementing fraud auditing into their audit processes immediately. Additionally, the role of audit and the proper process for auditors assisting or conducting fraud investigations will be covered.

Presented by:  Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE

Learn to tap cognitive networks that allow you to discover defining issues, solve complex problems and make decisions with clarity and confidence. Drawing from research on critical thinking, logic, creativity, and insight, attendees will experience a deep dive into new thinking approaches directly relevant to their work. This innovative session features a progressive series of segments designed to expand on concepts throughout the workshop. Attendees will learn to drill down on specific challenges and recognize situational contexts that allow them to immediately employ the skills learned in their own work environment.

Presented by:  Toby Groves