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 Attendance Log Information for Roundtables

The Twin Cities IIA Board Approves New Process to Provide Documentation to “Audited” Members Who Attended Chapter-Sponsored Roundtables or Training Sessions at the November 3, 2005 board meeting for the Twin Cities Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (TCIIA).
Board members approved a new process to maintain Attendance Logs for each chapter-sponsored roundtable session and training program, and to provide a copy of Attendance Logs to session attendees that are having their continuing professional education (CPE) hours “audited”. The Attendance Log will note the session title, date, and begin and end times. The log will contain signatures of each participant. The log, however, will not note the number of continuing professional education (CPE) hours that each participant earns. TCIIA board members agree that it is each IIA member’s ethical responsibility to report that information honestly to IIA headquarters. Any member who attended a TCIIA roundtable session or training program that took place on or after January 1, 2006 and needs documentation to evidence one’s attendance for “audit” purposes, may contact the chapter office by phone at 763-416-1323 or e-mail at The chapter office will then provide the member with a copy of the requested Attendance Log for that event.
When IIA headquarters requests a member’s CPE records, the member is required to provide “a letter, certificate, or other written independent attestation of course completion” (refer to the IIA’s CPE requirements at CPE Reporting Steps.
TCIIA board members believe that the Attendance Log fulfills this requirement. Revised: 1-14-08