2017-2018 President’s Message - January 2018

Happy New Year to all Twin Cities IIA Chapter Members!
Even with a new year ahead of us, I can’t help but think about the year that is behind us. There have been so many changes over the last year, it’s hard to keep track of them all. We had a new president in 2017, and no matter what your political leaning, you have to admit, he has brought about change. There have been several natural disasters that have changed more than just the landscape of certain locations, but also how the response to such events should be coordinated. There have been a number of famous and powerful men losing their jobs because of a change in culture. I’m sure you could add many more changes to this list.
Even within our own chapter, we have had changes and more to come in 2018. Please read the article on the chapter’s new event management tool that is coming first quarter.
How do we as internal auditors track and adapt to all this change? What changes impact our companies? Do these changes require a new look at our risk assessment and audit plan? Are any of these changes significant to our audit profession?
Richard Chambers in his October 16, 2017 blog post “Seven Signs You May be a Jurassic Auditor” hits on several characteristics of an auditor who has not changed with the times. I encourage everyone to read through this list and see if any of those seven signs remind you of yourself or someone on your team. As auditors, we need to keep up with the changes to our companies, industries and profession.
One way we can prepare ourselves to adapt to change is by keeping up our continuing education. The IIA and our local chapter both provide a number of opportunities for auditors to learn new things. There are seminars, conferences, web-based trainings, classroom trainings and our Chapter’s Insight Series which all provide auditors with new and innovative ways stay ahead of the changes coming at us.
If you haven’t checked out the Audit Channel on the IIA’s website, now would be a good time! There are over 400 videos that cover industry topics, Internal Audit activities, leadership topics and professional advocacy. You may even recognize some of the presenters.
Last but not least, you can learn from fellow auditors right here in your local chapter by volunteering on one of the many committees, events or activities our chapter sponsors. You can network with volunteers in your industry to see how they are handling situations similar to your company. There are many networking opportunities with Chief Audit Executives from across the Twin Cities that allow you access to some of the best in our profession. Think of the insight you could gain by talking with one of these individuals and learning from their experiences. Our Chapter events are continuously updated on our chapter’s website, so visit often.
Thank you to all our chapter members for your continued support – you make our chapter one of the best! Here’s to a great 2018!
Leanne C. Thyken
President 2017-2018
Twin Cities Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors