2017-2018 President’s Message - September 2017

Welcome to a new chapter year! As I’m writing this message to you, I’m preparing to facilitate my first board meeting since becoming President. It’s going to be an exciting year and I’m honored to be leading such a great chapter!
Earlier this year, I attended the IIA’s Leadership Academy in Orlando, FL. There I was able to talk with other chapter leaders and discuss challenges we all face running volunteer organizations. After hearing some of their struggles getting volunteers, it made me feel blessed and thankful that our Twin Cities Chapter has many active members. The Twin Cities consistently sustains a ‘Chapter of Excellence’ level of service to our members. That is all because of our dedicated volunteers!
Volunteering in our chapter is such a great way to learn more about all the wonderful things we do each year to support our members and service to our profession. Each volunteer builds on their skills, challenges themselves to learn new competencies and networks with internal audit leaders from across many industries. I encourage all of you to volunteer, whether it be for one event, or on a committee. I guarantee your experience will be ‘priceless.’
This year will be a year of change as well. The IIA has created its own event management tool which our chapter will be converting to later this year. This tool will make things easier for us to administer the number of programs our chapter offers. Members will see differences too in how they can register for courses, programs and manage their CPEs. We will keep you updated on the conversion as we get closer to implementing this new tool.
Don’t forget to check the chapter website frequently for upcoming events and programs. In October, there will be classes for new auditors and new auditors-in-charge. If you haven’t signed up yet for the Insight Series, it’s not too late! The chapter’s Insight Series is an inexpensive way to maintain your CPEs. There are several Insight Series sessions coming up and you don’t want to miss those opportunities!
Looking forward to a great chapter year!!!
Leanne C. Thyken
President 2017-2018
Twin Cities Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors