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TCIIA Chapter's External Quality Assessment (formerly Self-Assessment with Independent Validation )Program Information Update

Standard 1300 on Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs requires all internal audit departments to have an external review every five years. One option available to meet the standard is the Chapter’s Self-Assessment with Independent Validation Program, which involves a thorough self-assessment reviewed by a certified validate from one of the chapter’s member organizations. If you’re interested in an SAIV this chapter year, contact the Chapter Office at



Certificate Information and Semi-Annual Certification Recognition via Computer Based Testing

With the advent of the IIA's computer based testing for certification examinations, Certificates will be mailed directly to the recipient.  You will receive email notification of your new credentials and how you may submit the form to request your certificate. Certificates are mailed weekly from the fulfillment partner.


The Certification Recognition Events will be held once a year - in the Spring.  Recipients will receive an invitation from the Twin Cities Chapter IIA office.
Feel free to contact the chapter office at if you have more questions.
Questions regarding your certification may be sent to