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 May is international Internal Audit Awareness Month

MinisterStruthersIIAAwarenessProclamation.jpgMay is international Internal Audit Awareness Month and it is the perfect opportunity to promote the profession and its important role in organizational governance, internal control and risk management.

When it comes to building awareness of the internal audit profession and the value internal audit brings to the organizations that we work for, we are all in this together. That is why IIA established May as International Awareness month, to encourage chapters around the world to participate in this important celebration to promote our profession.

The respect today’s internal audit profession enjoy is highly dependent on the ongoing awareness-building activities that we all employ. The things that you can do to increase awareness are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

On this website we are providing you two aids to assist you in your awareness building activities. One is a declaration from The Province of Manitoba that May is International Internal Audit awareness month. Download this and post it on a bulletin board or send it to people within your organization. We also have a link to a Power-point template from the IIA that can be used in various ways by internal audit departments to promote their team and the profession within their organization. If you have other ideas or success stories let us know at